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Pennsylvania’s Transportation History Comes Alive at the Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles


Boyertown Museum of Historic VehiclesDiscover Pennsylvania’s Transportation History at the Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles! See vehicles of all types: gasoline, electric, and horse-drawn, including carriages, wagons, and sleighs. You will see ‘high wheelers” and “safety bicycles,” vehicle builder’s tools, and local historic roadside architecture.


The museum is housed in the former home of the Boyertown Auto Body Works, which had continuous operations on this site from 1872 – 1990, and retains the factory setting, making it a unique and interesting setting for the vehicles.


The Museum gift shop features unique items for all the family. A large selection of museum items and vehicle-related books are available.

Mission Statement

To operate as a museum of road transportation, vehicles, artifacts, roadside culture, alternative propulsion, and vehicle builders focused on Pennsylvania and the Greater Delaware Valley; as well as the historic vehicles built by Jeremiah Sweinhart’s Carriage Factory 1872-1914 and by Paul Hafer’s Boyertown Auto Body Works 1914-1990 in the historic Industrial Age factory buildings which now house the collection.

Boyertown Museum Founders |Boyertown PA

The Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles was established in 1965 by Paul and Erminie Hafer.  Paul Hafer had a 57-year career of designing and building truck bodies at the Boyertown Auto Body Works, which was co-founded by his father B. Frank Hafer.  He served for 21 years as Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles. 

Erminie Hafer’s book, A Century of Vehicle Craftsmanship, is a thorough history on the transportation industry in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Boyertown Auto Museum |Vehicle Craftsmanship Book|Boyertown PA

Board of Directors

  • Bernard M. Hofmann, Board President
  • Mark Serfass, Board Vice President & Collections Committee Chairman
  • John McCarthy, Treasurer, Finance Committee Chairman
  • Dennis Emrick, Secretary
  • Robert H. Dare, Executive Committee Chairman
  • Wil Hallman, Facilities Committee Chairman
  • Frank Kaplan, Marketing & Development Committee Chairman
  • Jim Swope, Education, Exhibits, and Events Committee Chairman
  • Sam Fiorani, Board Member
  • Robert J. Hobaugh, Jr., Board Member
  • Stewart Howden, Board Member
  • Jerry Keefer, Board Member
  • David Murphy, Board Member
  • Matt Murray, Board Member
  • Donald J. Neilson, Board Member
  • Dan Olsen, Board Member
  • Gary Rhoads, Board Member
  • Thomas “Tobey” Ross, Board Member
  • Gary T. Smullin, Board Member
  • Douglas J. Strange, Board Member
  • James Strecker, Board Member
  • Marie Wright, Board Member