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Our current exhibit is Lightweights: Cycle and Light Cars. Popular for a short period of time in the 1910s, and with a few last stabs at dominance in the 1920s, cyclecars were something of a midway point between cars and motorcycles. With small engines, no-frills bodywork, and lightweight construction, cyclecars were unique and varied. Four cars are on display from this era, including a three-wheeled 1910 Kelsey Motorette on loan to the Museum for this exhibit.

Photo Credit: Pam Baumann

In addition to dozens of road vehicles, the Boyertown Museum also counts related literature and memorabilia amongst its collections. Also popular are two examples of roadside architecture: our 1938 Fegely’s Reading Diner and a 1921 Sunoco gas station.

Visiting the Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles is a truly unique experience because the Museum buildings themselves are historic. The main gallery of the Boyertown Museum is in the former main factory building of the Boyertown Auto Body Works. From 1926 until 1990, the Boyertown Auto Body Works manufactured truck bodies for commercial and government use. Some of those trucks are now on display in the Boyertown Museum – in the very building in which they were designed and constructed.

Photo Credit: Pam Baumann

Photo Credit: Valerie Hoffman

In addition, the original 1872 Jeremiah Sweinhart Carriage Factory, where vehicle building began in Boyertown, still stands and is part of the Museum complex. 

The Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles proudly presents a dynamic exhibit of the reconstructed blacksmith forge and early belt driven machine shop of the Jeremiah Sweinhart Carriage Factory, along with a display of buggies and wagons built right here in the Carriage Works.


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Photo Credit: Adam Cooperstein